Daughter of the Wolves

by Kendra Lea Miller

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Nik Buchowski
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Nik Buchowski Overwhelmingly chilling. 13/10 would return to the forest. Favorite track: Aurora.
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Haunting and lonely, "Daughter of The Wolves" follows a teenage girl who wanders too far into the forest and tries to find her way back to the light.


released August 23, 2015

Music and lyrics by Kendra Miller
Mixed and mastered by Mike Tompa at Merriam Music



all rights reserved


Kendra Lea Miller Toronto, Ontario

Kendra Lea Miller is a Canadian artist who writes, records, and produces all of her material. With soaring, syrupy melodies and chunky heart-beating riffs, Miller’s compositions are gritty, quirky and apathetic all at once.

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Track Name: Daughter of the Wolves
in the forest
lays a hungry girl
in the forest
afraid and unsure of the world

twilight is always followed by
(twilight is, twilight is)
twilight is always followed by

keep your ghosts to yourselves
(we’re drifting, we’re drifting)
keep your ghosts to yourselves
(into the cosmos)
Track Name: Napoleon's Tomb
the curtains are full of dust
the carpets are full of bedbugs
the paintings are worn
to threads on the floor
and the walls are full of rust

stains on the white sofa bed
the french speaking neighbor
has a hole in his head

and in the night
i lie
and in the night
i tighten
a little more inside

what do i want?
oh we apologize
you didn’t make the cut
you didn’t make the cut
yeah we’re so sorry
you didn’t make the cut
you didn’t make the cut
but i’m not ready
i’m not sure i’m ready
to make
the cut

the seams on the doors are split
yeah everybody feels like a misfit
and i’ll just it around
feeling sorry for myself
and i tell you
yeah that works well
Track Name: Aurora
it’s hard to get the words out
they stick like tar in my throat

sometimes (all the time)
it’s hard to get the thoughts out
they burn my lips even though (my stomach tells them to)

i drag my hands against the grain
i drag my hands against the grain

i reside
on the edge of existence
the brink of reality
this precipice threatens to take me
down, down, down
so rais your bloodstained hands high

this tastes
like my back’s against the wall
the back row’s killing me

this tastes (your taste)
not like victory at all
the sideline’s stinging my knees (like defeat but i miss you)
Track Name: Violet Graves
tired when the sun is out
it hurts my eyes to see the darkness
hidden by light

static on the tv screens
it hurts my heart
the men in jackets
they suffocate your art

the dark welcomes me like an ally

violet graves
hot breath in your ear
white teeth against fear
it’s too dark in hear
the light is too near

open eyed, closed tight
open wide, closed mind

the universe inside her mouth
cracks in the walls
let the stars through
erase the doubt

but in the lines she colours like they do

she’s breaking, she’s taking over
she’s breaking, violet’s taking over
Track Name: The Forest
i feel the moon’s love
in my bones and in my blood

the willows weep
they will sing into the breeze

out of the forest, and into the sun
our hearts beat for us, and you can’t pull us from
the light

we are mortal like
roses in the springtime

the willows sway
they will grow from us one day