Sea Witch - EP

by Kendra Lea Miller

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Nik Buchowski
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Nik Buchowski Irresistibly spellbinding. 13/10 would have cake by this frozen ocean. Favorite track: golden hour.
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sometimes drowning, sometimes swimming.

all proceeds will be donated to rainbow camp based in nothern ontario, a safe space for LGTBQ2+ and allied youth ages 12-17 ( for more info)


released May 7, 2017

Music and lyrics by Kendra Miller
Guitar by Kendra Miller
Mastered by William Blakeney



all rights reserved


Kendra Lea Miller Toronto, Ontario

Kendra Lea Miller is a Canadian artist who writes, records, and produces all of her material. With soaring, syrupy melodies and chunky heart-beating riffs, Miller’s compositions are gritty, quirky and apathetic all at once.

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Track Name: heart on the floor
I’ve seen stronger girls
Swimming to shore needing oxygen
I’ve seen braver girls
Drowning in blood, sweat, and sin

Oh I know
How it’s supposed to go
Yeah I know
How it’s supposed to go

Look at me like this
My nose bleeding down the front of your new dress
Could you give me a sec
To collect my heart it’s on the floor

Because love calls for a revolution
I can see it in your eyes that we won’t stand for losing
Our right to be
Wholly and solely ourselves don’t you tell me
That you don’t believe
Track Name: underwater
I miss the ocean
It pulls me I feel it I do
And I hear it in the way
In the way you say my name

On the edge of the water
She pulls the tide from under my feet
And I think I’d like to stay
On the bottom where I can pray

If I dove deep enough
Swam hard enough
Would I find the weight that
Keeps on pulling me down

If I dove deep enough
Swam long enough
If you found me
Would you just let me drown?

I’ve only got the one soul
I carved it from the waves alone
And these delicate bones were
Never built for a storm

Can you hear my heart beat?
It’s long crusted over by salt
And I wish that I could hear
Your music through my fear

We should stay
Here deep under the waves
God only knows
We’d be alright

We should stay
Washing the guilt away
Drowning in hope
But in comes the tide
Track Name: seven seas
Honestly I find your spite so lovely,
Would you stay right here with me
Palms up, facing the sun

If only you would stay beside me,
I’d swallow all the seven seas
And the dark I’m hiding from

Because what do they know of love?

Truly you fight this war so beautifully,
Your blood running rivers and streams
And your fist held up so high

Could you tell me
Why bravado’s something
I seem only find
With you here by my side

Because what do they know of love?
Track Name: golden hour
Grown on the edge of the ocean,
Dipped in the depths of the sea
I’m not religious but I’m hoping
That a saint will come and find me

I’ve searched these lands for a saviour
To help wash my hands so I’m clean
And when I feel hollow I remember
What the wind has whispered to me

I’ve walked to the end of this dirt road
Ever towards the late day sun
These wounds won’t heal tomorrow
But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to run

Grown on the edge of the ocean,
Dipped in the depths of the sea
I know that my hands are golden
And I’m the only one who can save me